The Company was set up in 2010on the basis of te founder’s long term experience within the wrapping machines world.

The founder, the engineer Mario Spatafora, graduated in Mechanical Engineering and enters into the packaging world in 1983 when he started working for GD Spa . This Company provides Ing. Spatafora with an important knowledge for high technology machines technique designing and gives him the opportunity to develop highly innovative machines that, introduced in the market have increasingly become industry leaders among the most important multinational companies.
Some of the main examples are:

Machine for candy stick producing 500 candy rolls per minute
This machine has gained a market share of over 90° between candy trolls manufacturers.

Continuous motion wrapping machine for chocolates that even after decades since its introduction on the market is still one of the most performing machines, used by major manufacturers for lines with speeds between 750 and 1000 products per minute

Wrapping machine for cigarettes packs with a speed of 1000 packs per minute on single way.

This has been the first machine in the world to create a pack using the continuous motion principle and today it is used by all the tobacco multinationals.
The line has been completed with the development of a machine which creates the pack using paper and of a machine which wraps the pack with a film always at a speed of 1000 packs per minute.

These development have been protected by a Patent whose inventor is Mr. Mario Spatafora and can be checked on the website EPO Espacenet.

This important wealth of experience wants to be used as a motive force in XPACK with the aim of producing high-tec and highly competitive products which h can be summarized in the following slogan:




Wrapping machine with manual loading used to realize, with the appropriate functional groups, different wrapping styles among the most common.

SW 1000

The SMARTWRAP  is a continuous motion wrapping machine representing an innovation in technology.

Auto Miniwrap

Wrapping machine with automatic feeding used to realize, with the appropriate functional groups, different wrapping styles among the most common.

Banderol Unit

This is a unit that can be connected to the Miniwrap as an option;  is able to apply on products having a flat base, a precut band  taken from magazine.

Hollow Figures

It is a wrapping machine capable to make the “Z” fold and closing on the longitudinal side of the product , which is the standard wrapping style for hollow figures.